Saturday, April 21, 2012

Listen: Katie Melua - Just Like Heaven

We would like to introduce you to a little feature on our blog, which you will find up the top right hand side of the page. You may or may not have noticed it's our little music player, there to give you some chilled out tunes to listen to whilst you check out our latest updates! Every now and then we will feature a different song that takes our fancy. We decided not to set it up on auto play because we know how annoying that is when you have your volume turned up and then all of a sudden you hit a site with audio and it comes blaring through the speakers! So feel free to hit the play button, sit back and 'look, listen, imagine'...xx

Katie Melua - Just Like Heaven 
You may be more familiar with the original version by The Cure, 
but we love this acoustic cover!

                                  Show me how you do that trick 
                                  The one that makes me scream he said 
                                  The one that makes me laugh he said 
                                  And threw his arms around my neck 
                                  Show me how you do it 
                                  And I promise you I promise that 
                                  I'll run away with you 
                                  I'll run away with you

Image:1. FanPop; 2. Aqubalance3
Lyrics: AZ Lyrics

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