Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Healthy Living Challenge

In between looking after our kids (well that's a full time thing right there!) and taking care of household duties (boring) we have been finding it really difficult to get the time to properly look after ourselves. Finding the motivation and the time to maintain a regular exercise regime and also prepare super healthy and nutritious meals is definitely not easy. This time of year the mornings are extra chilly up on the mountain and the last thing we feel like doing is heading outside for a walk. Because it's so cold we are finding that we are craving more 'wintery' and heartier meals, which aren't always the best. Also both Freddy and Olive are teething so they are extra irritable and require a lot more attention.  Anyway we have been racking our brains for different ways on how we can really stick to our goal of a healthier lifestyle, achieve it and maintain it.

Today on our big walk (which we haven't done as regularly as we used to) we had a light bulb moment! What if we could set ourselves a realistic challenge and share it on our blog? The whole point of our blog was to inspire others. At the end of the day we are just two mums trying to juggle the same challenges as every other mum or parent have. We know that we are not the only two mums who struggle to find that balance between looking after ourselves and the rest of our families, so if we can share our story, tips, ideas, our successes and our weaker moments when it comes to achieving our goal of a healthier and more well balanced lifestyle, then this might just be the extra motivation we need!

So watch this space and if you have any tips for us, whether its a healthy meal option or exercise idea, please  email us as we would love to hear them!!

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  1. Ladies, just wanted to say how lovely your blog is. It is so warm and happy and family-orientated. x Miranda