Saturday, July 28, 2012

Get Outside

Spring is fast approaching and I am looking forward to our family spending lots of time outside as the weather heats up. Here are some of my favourite pics of outdoor areas, which I will be getting some inspiration from for our house exterior!

Helena x

this is how i would love the front of our house to look!

our house is black weather board so I love the colours of this outdoor area against the dark exterior of the house

Outdoor space

black and white!

this is just beautiful!


Images: Pinterest


  1. Im missing summer this year :(
    I remember when I was a child it could get so hot I was dreaming about wearing winter jumpers again when it finally get colder, now I forgot how bikini looks like! ha! Lovely pics Helena! x

    1. Ha ha that's always the way isn't it! I do the same every year, wish for summer when it's winter and then wish for winter when it's summer...but I am definitely looking forward to summer this year and so hoping we have our house finished so we can really relax and enjoy it! xx