Monday, July 2, 2012

Meal Time Makeover

This cold weather really hasn't helped my motivation levels as far as our Healthy Living Challenge goes. least it's sunny, I really shouldn't be complaining should I? Renee and I are joining the gym this week and our aim is go two nights a week. It will be that extra kick we need! Our morning walks are still great to do, however your body soon gets used to exercise like that. My head still needs the fresh air though, when you are home most of the week it's so good to get outside and Olive loves it also.

Next thing to look at are eating habits. What's not in my fridge or cupboard won't get eaten! Put it this way, if there is ice-cream in my freezer, I'll eat it. If there are biscuits in the cupboard, I'll eat them. Lucky for me my husband isn't much of a sweet tooth so we don't buy sweet things most of the time anyway. My main problem is food preparation, ie being more organised with my shopping list and planning meals in advance. From now on I hope to put more effort into this! Anyway here are some of the healthy meals I have found that I will be eating from now on!

I'm going to make up a huge container of Bircher Muesli so then all that I have to do each morning is put some in a bowl and enjoy! The one below looks delish!

bircher muesli

I always forget how much I love hommus! I love the look of the roasted carrot and roasted beetroot hummus below. Perfect with carrot and celery sticks.

Lunch is usually my biggest problem, in between playing with Olive, fulfilling my house duties (blah) or just having some down time for myself when Olive is sleeping, I find midday roles around I go to the fridge and cupboard and all I can find is lettuce, canned tuna and bread. (Have been getting into gluten free bread lately) How boring! Anyway I found this quinoa salad with spinach, raisins & walnuts online. Quinoa is actually a Superfood and is full of tremendous health benefits! (I've been doing my research!) The below pic looks like a great option for lunches, I have found heaps of quinoa salad recipes online and looks like a great alternative to your typical 'bushy green' salad that makes you feel like a rabbit.

Recipe Quinoa Salad with Spinach, Raisins, and Walnuts

We very rarely get takeaway and really do eat pretty healthy dinners. My main issue here is portion sizes. My meal portions are those of a man! I think if I am eating more frequent, healthy and low GI meals during the day I won't feel as though I have to be eating for the whole of China. Also I think if I serve my dinner on a smaller size plate I won't feel as though I'm being ripped off. Also my husband and I both really enjoy Asian food (not made with the packet stuff from the supermarket) We have travelled throughout Asia together and have had some amazing meals, particularly from Thailand and Vietnam. I'm going to get back into this style of cooking, its light and extremely tasty!

Helena x

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