Friday, July 20, 2012

Mr's 30th Birthday Bash!

My main man Mike is turning 30 this November, so there is no time like the present to start getting some ideas together! After throwing a few ideas his way he has gone with the option of a Moustache Bash! Quite fitting seeing as though his birthday is in the month of Movember.

So I'm thinking a bold black and white colour scheme for the deco's, with a hint of gold and also neon yellow, just to add a bit of 80's sparkle into the occasion. Anyway below are some of the cool ideas I have come across, which I will draw my inspiration from!

Fellas start growing your mo's!

Helena x

invitation idea - mustache bash!

black chandeliers

confetti system


black and white..with a touch of neon

Cool chandeliers!

moustache theme 30th

black and white +  gold and a touch of neon...glam

black balloons.

'Yes' Neon Light

mustache bash

Images: Pinterest

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