Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chalkboard Feature Wall

At the moment I am loving black chalkboard paint! I love really dark feature walls, we have a wall painted in Dulux Mercury in our home. Lots of people probably think it might make an interior appear cold, but I think it creates warmth, in a chic and glamorous kind of way!

We are putting up a feature wall outside and I've been tossing up on which colour to paint it. I love the idea of a massive chalkboard as a feature wall! My daughter Olive will love it when she is old enough to have fun  drawing on it and it certainly will never look boring. I can graffiti it with quotes, lyrics...whatever I want and when I want a change all I need to do is get the hose out. I even thought I could paint an old letterbox and stick it in the garden bed next to the wall and this is where I could keep the chalk! The wall will also be a bit of fun when we have friends over for drinks...looking forward to seeing it the morning after haha...

I think I am really becoming obsessed with chalkboard paint! Here are some of the chalkboard pics I love..

Helena x


  1. weve painted most Samuel's furniture with blackboard paint, so he can fell free to draw on everything, I love it as well. I did two post about blackboard painted furniture on my blog. This is lovely idea helen :))

  2. Wow that's fantastic! I think it's wonderful to encourage kids to be creative! I'll have to check out your blog too now!! :-)