Monday, April 16, 2012

Freddy's 1st Birthday

Where has the year gone? I can't believe our little man is turning 1 on Sunday!! This week I will be busily preparing things for his party. I have so many ideas, but have to restrain myself. I need to remember that there will be many more parties and I want to try and keep this one simple. After all he is still our little "baby boy".

Renee x



  1. Such inspirational collection of pics. Brings back such wonderful memories of my 3 childrens parties. I look forward to being part of my grandchildrens celebrations.

    1. Thanks 'Mother Teresa' Everyone always says how fast the time goes when you have kids and they tell you to savor every moment because they just grow up way too fast. It's only now that I'm a mum myself that I really understand just how true this is. I plan on cherishing every minute.

      Renee x

    2. Dear Nay,

      the whole time i`m thinking about the first birthday from our little man. I think you are very busy to organize the party. But don`t do too much. The most important thing for freddie is, that you and Sasch has enough time for him. You both make a very good "job" as parents. I love you so much. With my heart I`m still there.


    3. Hello Mama, thank you so much for your lovely message. We love you too and we wish that you and Papa could be here for Freddy's 1st birthday but we understand that it is not always possible. We promise to take lots and lots of pictures for you both. I am having so much fun planning and making things for our special little boy's party. Sasch is making sure that I don't go overboard with decorations and things, you know what he is like ;o) Sasch has already said that Sunday is Freddy's day and he has only plans to spend time with us :o)

      Renee (Nay) x