Thursday, August 23, 2012

We Built A Porch

Hello! I've been a bit MIA lately, my computer has kicked the bucket and I have so many pics I want to upload so that I can blog about them!! Grr hopefully I can sort it out in the next few days so I can share what my little family has been up to lately! 

One thing I can report (with a pic to go with it!) is that we made a start on our outside area of our house! The painting of the house is pretty much complete, we just have the roof to go! We painted the weatherboards in Black Fox and the trims in white (can't remember the colour exactly) Because our block is sloped there isn't much flat area for Olive to go wild on when she starts walking so I really wanted to make double use of our carport by transforming it into another outdoor entertaining area/play area. We can use it all through summer and even winter as it gets quite a bit of the winter sun. Our driveway is longish so there is enough space to move the cars up the driveway when we are using the carport. 

Anyway first step was to build a front porch. This now runs along the front of the house, the length of the carport roof and about a metre out to still allow for me to park my car underneath (particularly when there is hail about - we live in Queensland) The porch adds extra seating to the area (we will also put a bench seat on it) and it also adds curb appeal to our house (doesn't look like you are entering through the back of the house any more) We had never built a deck before so thank goodness for YouTube. Mr is pretty handy on the tools, but this time around I was able to help him so I am proud to say it was a 50/50 team effort. (Getting excited to get into some smaller projects on my own now!) 

Next step, which is still to come, is a feature wall. Our driveway runs under the carport and finishes about 2m out from the carport roof. It's here where we wish to put up a wall which will stop Olive from walking over the side of the embankment. We don't want to stop any of the sun light coming through so we will be making a slat wall and painting it the same colour as the house, black. We have all the wood ready to go so hopefully it will be finished in the next couple of weeks.

Photos of our porch are below... looking forward to getting some before and after pics of our reno's up very soon!

Helena x

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